BBQ Care & FAQ

Best Care & Troubleshooting Guide

Why is there a low flame on burner / grill is not getting up to temperature?

  • a) Are all the burners on at the same time / is the lid closed to allow the grill to reach temperature?
    b) The regulator needs resetting - Follow the steps in the Best Care Guide to do this.
    c) If the above doesn't work, please fill out the warranty claim form.
    d) 250 degrees is the perfect grilling temperature, anything hotter than this and you will burn your food!

The ignitor is not sparking / not igniting grill.

  • a) Try replacing the battery, if you hear a clicking noise the issue has been resolved.
    b) Remove the grids and Flav-R-Waves to access the electrodes. Ensure these wires are connected to the ignitor.
    c) Note the electrode may also need replacing if a replacement ignitor doesn't resolve the issue.
    d) If within the two year warranty period, please submit a warranty claim form.

Why is the paint chipping / bubbling / flaking on grill?

  • a) Splatters of food/oils if left on the grill will cause corrosion due to moisture getting under the paint.
    b) Condiment shelves damage as a result of oil canisters, sauce bottles etc. rubbing on the paint.
    c) This can be prevented by wiping down the grill after use to remove food splatter and not leaving condiments on the grill.

Why is there tea staining / rusting on exterior of grill?

  • a) This can be caused by the grill not being wiped down after use, not being covered or if located in area near the ocean due to the high salt volume in the air.
    b) This is not a warranty issue. We recommend Broil King Grill Revitalizer or Bar Keeper's Friend product to remove the staining.
    c) Grills should be wiped down after use. Broil King Grill Revitalizer or Bar Keeper's Friend will remove any current marks and should be used regularly.
    d) Grills located near the ocean should be stored indoors when not in use, as covers will not fully protect against corrosion.

White spots are appearing on the outside of the grill.

  • a) These are caused by oxidations. To clean these off, use mild detergent and warm water solution then wipe with cooking oil.
    b) Cooking oil will restore the soft glow exterior of the grill.

Why are the grids rusting / flaking?

  • This means they have not been properly seasoned.
    a) Open lid, turn grill on medium heat the close for 10 mins to burn off excess food debris.
    b) Turn off grill and remove grids from grill, removing excess food, grime and oils with a grill brush.
    c) Once grids have been cleaned, layer the grids in a coating of cooking oil, ensuring the surface and all corners have been coated thoroughly - this ensures the grids are seasoned well.

What could cause uneven heat while cooking?

  • A possible cause for uneven heat is a blockage in the burner venturi tubes.
    a) We recommend to clean these thoroughly which will most likely resolve the issue.