Why Broil King

Sick of poor quality barbecues and bad bbq food? We hear you! That’s why everything about a Broil King BBQ is designed to eliminate your bbq problems and help you cook delicious bbq dishes your friends and family will rave about. Broil King will transform your BBQ experience. Here’s why: You get optimum cooking conditions thanks to its patented burners and cooking system creating awesome heat retention and consistent temperatures. You get unbeatable BBQ flavour, tender food and easy clean up thanks to its flavour conducting and mess reducing Flav-R-Wave system. You get peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in a good quality BBQ that will stand the test of time and has NZ based support. Most importantly, you get to enjoy being social because you’ll no longer fear hosting a bbq or cooking a piece of steak. You’ll feel super confident organising all those social gatherings at yours or simply cooking a Sunday roast or weeknight dinner for your partner or family. Explore all the features that create the Broil King difference.

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Gas Bottle Drawer

Gas bottle changes are quick and easy thanks to the pull-out tank drawer.

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Side Burner

Great for preparing side dishes, vegetables or even bacon and eggs. Cook your entire meal outdoors!

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Dual-Tube™ Burners

Made from high quality stainless steel. Patented Dual-Tube™ technology combined with two rows of flame creates unbeatable even heat.

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Designed to create superior heat distribution, protect the burners and vaporize drippings for amazing barbecue flavor.

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Cast Stainless Steel Grids

Easy-to-clean with the long lasting durability of stainless steel. Double sided- one side is pointed for perfect grill marks, while the other side is grooved to catch juices for continuous basting.

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Made from die-cast almunium or high-grade stainless steel. The cookbox ensures excellent heat retention and long lasting durability.

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BBQ Recipes